He’s one of the liveliest individuals you will ever meet, full of life and laughter. He is full of jokes and forever smiling. Simphiwe is very talented in the art of acting and is a very sociable somebody amongst the group members. Though raised in a children’s home, he has grown from strength to strength doing what he can to help the others growing up there to reach their full potential.


He has come to teach them that how you begin your life is not necessarily how you’ll end it. We call him Mr. Fix it. He loves playing soccer, listening to music and fixing electronic stuff.

More over he loves playing with little children. Growing in Christ to him has rendered him new strength from day to day and to us, he has been a good friend and a true brother.





He’s one guy blessed with enormous talent when it comes to music, he fits in anywhere and can blend easily with any style of music. Te best second tenor we have come to know, making music enjoyable to the ear that listens. Listen to his improvisations and you’ll know we haven’t heard any like his. He’s a very spontaneous individual.


One of the original members, who were there when it all began. He loves music more than anything and over the years, he has matured up to be a great individual born and raised in Inanda, Amatikwe (KZN).

He dreams of travelling the world especially Dubai. hrist for others as He has done so much for him. He’s a shoe fanatic and a very neat dresser. In and out of this ministry, he wishes to all a bond with C





An exciting vocalist, warm personality and of humble a character, the mastermind behind Reality 7’s music creations. His compositions and arrangements has proven right from the beginning to be soulful and appealing to every ear that listens to.
The Lord has ben good to me and wonderful to me in many ways I will fail to count, over and above the blesings He bestowed on me, He gave me a vision that I manage to fulfil through Reality 7, a group that understands the mission and makes it easy for me to spread the gospel in a harmoneous way. I try to many things with the boys, sometimes I do’t make sense but their patiance is always produced what we achieved in both our Albums.

I continue to learn from those who have traveled this road before, to enhance what I can do and to continualy grow in this faith of our fathers


He is forever smiling and friendly with everyone. He is blessed with the art of composing and arranging music not only for Reality 7, but other groups as well. He’s a Tshepo Tshola fan and other African artists. He dreams of one thing, to write a song that will stay in the hearts of many even long after he’s gone.





He is very quiet and appears very private to the public eye but he’s an amazingly talkative person. Eldest of five brothers, he tries his best to set a good example. He loves nice food and loves cooking too. He’s a humble and honest being and just dreams of being the greatest in all he does.


At first when we heard him sing, we never thought he could cut it the way he does, but his baritone is one that we would like to keep for as long as the Lord permits cause together with him, we managed to produced lovely music. He had challenges in life just like any other child of God would have,

but today can’t stop giving praisies to the Lord for what He has done for him. He believes the Lord has a purpose He would like to achieve through Reality 7, which is why he will forever be at His service by singing for Reality 7




He’s a very talented traditionalist amongst the group members, very gentle but strict person. Just like his brother Fisani, they come from a very musical background and both being born none Adventists.


They have grown to play a vital role in the growth of the church and the group (Reality 7). He has made a lot of friends and family over the years especially at Bethel College. All he dreams of is taking care of his family and his growth as a child of God.




The most consistent bass I have come to know, young as he is, you wouldn’t think such a lovely and powerful voice comes out of him. He provides that Bass melody right and suitable for the style the group is singing, what more blesings could we ever ask for. As a God fearing gentle man, he always encourages the group to look upon Jesus for help, shelter and comfort in times of distress and trouble.


Nduduzo is the eldest of the two brothers Snalo and Menelisi Ntshangase, born by Mr & Mrs Ntshangase. He is one of the new and the youngest addition to the Reality 7 family, currently 22 years of age

born and raised in the township of Umlazi but now residing in Inanda. He is a down to earth, social and a very caring individual with a true passion to minister for the lord in music.


He is divinely blessed with a loving and supporting family who are constantly there for him in his ministry. As a young man growing up, he appreciates the contribution set before him by group such as No-Limits, Emmanuel, Faith Sharers, Abalindi Mix, Abalindi senior male voices, Abalindi Group, Serenity, Youth Vision and many others who played a role in his spiritual growth “To all the friends and family I meet along the way, I’ve learned to cherish each and everyone of you because you make my ministry worthwhile.


I often delight and find peace in Christ to see others drawn closer to Him through what God has enabled me to do. My life’s dream is to make a difference even unto the smallest being I meet along the way, share a table and drink and drink from the same cup with those who hunmger and thirst for righteousness”




I was born and raised in a dusty and small township called Motetema, under the guidance of both my parents who were musical people but I always think of my grandparents as the ones that had a huge influence in me to be this music loving guy and passionately so. I grew up loving music, as a singer and to listen to, sang for a lot of musical groups, directing and organizing small musical groups especially in my church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


Many people in my social circles think of me as a promoter, a striving and competent music manager but I am just an engineer by profession. I believe people think of me so, most probably because I am willing to learn, driven by passion to get things done,

first time and the right way, ensuring that the aims and the objectives of the group are met, always and professionally so. I love music, good music, for they say it is food for the soul…


Fortunately I had a privilege of studying management principles in my school days, and got employed in several companies to practice and acquire management skills which I find useful in the daily running of the Reality 7 ministry. These are skills I sharpen on a daily basis as I currently and concurrently work for Eskom as an Engineering Senior Advisor. The Reality 7 ministry is one that grows daily, touching people’s lives, it is a completely different jungle that requires the guidance of the Lord as I meet all different kinds of challenges, trials and temptations but I can gladly say, thus far, the Lord has been with me.


I am privileged and blessed to be managing such a musical group, working with a team of willing artists who understands their commission, the mission and the vision of the group. As chief of sinners, my prayer is to be part of the few that will see Christ someday when He returns in the clouds of the sky, and whilst in this world, be a servant to servants and use all that the Lord has blessed me with to further this gospel to all the corners of the earth.


My favourite quote that keeps me going is: “Know your limits, then ignore them” by John Mason, for they say, you’ll never know how high you can soar unless you spread your wings and fly away




Also known as “Botsotso” by many, Mlungisi was born at Amatikwe in Durban, he is a dedicated, committed member of Amatikwe (Inanda) Seventh Day Adventist Church and God fearing. As the church is very influential in Gospel music, he was inspired at a very young age by a powerful singing group called Abalindi Senior Male Voice from his local church.


He practiced with Abalindi Junior Male Voice (also from my local church), listened more to Acapella, Take 6, Heritage Singers, and The King’s Heralds to develop and enhance his musical skill.“Dr Cedric Dent (from Take 6) played a very important role in improving my Baritone, I managed to focus a lot on him because was singing Baritone even

in our group. I cannot forget my brother Good Ximba who sang Baritone (from Abalindi) who was very patient in training me for this part.


The group played a role in discovering the talents that I have in organizing all events and leading the group to where it is today. I am currently the man running behind the scenes as the general assistant ensuring that everything as set out by the group is achieved”