Both Albums are a digital recording of modern South African Gospel music with a twist of ethnic, soft yet horsy harmonic sounds of Is’cathamiya that will remind you of the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo on minimal instrumentation. Reality 7 is not about style and gimmicks but are true preachers bringing across the Word through touchy sermonic improvisations that speak to one in most personal terms.


What makes it so unique is the approach of the two leading vocalists(Fisani and Sabelo Masinga) interchanging as one brings in the soulfully soft, smooth and tender angelic approach, while the other carries it through with a hard hitting, soul piercing voice waving through minimal compositions supported by powerful backings that are sure to leave you on an emotional pinnacle.


These two are definite play through albums delicately crafted for Christians and non Christians of all ages regardless of color or creed



List of Songs in this Album

  1. Home Beyond
  2. Ayibalwa
  3. Ungaphel’ Amandla
  4. Sizogijima
  5. Be Born Again
  6. Nginokuthula
  7. Shiya Umhlaba 


List of Songs in this Album

  1. Woza KuJesu
  2. Ngiyeza
  3. Ngibize
  4. Ukhrestu Kuphela
  5. Thuma Mina


Watch this space, CD 3 is on its way, and will be realeased early in 2011. It gets sweeter and sweeter as the years go bye……