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We will always require having a secured booking in advance and in a well prepared venue. The venue must have enough parking to accommodate all of our guests and guaranteed of maximum safety possible, preferably close to public transport, unless if it’s a special invitation




In cases where we are the guest artists, a performance fee will be charged for our performance on agreed terms that will be set by both the client and Reality 7, and in cases where we are the host artists, a specified performance fee will be charged accordingly and We will also require that guest artists sing a maximum of two songs each and not more than three groups will be invited




We will ensure that catering and accommodation arrangements for the group are well covered prior to departure for our appointments. Where accommodation is required, the organiser shall arrange venue big enough to accommodate all 7 members of the group. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both Reality 7 and the host, meals will always be provided by the host




In instances where the group is doing its own project it shall cover all transport charges as its own expense

In cases where the group is invited the group will submit transport quotation to the host who will in turn be expected to pay within one weeks of receipt. The appointment is not confirmed until receipt of proof of payment




We will always make use of our own Public Address sound system for all of our own organized performances to ensure sound quality maintenance. The group shall provide its own PA System upon request when invited for other uses other than our performances and the organizer will be charged a fee depending on the event


If the client provides their own, we will require sound system specifications provided to us prior the day of performance i.e. we will require a minimum of 06 Microphones and ask for information on the brand of the system used including main speakers. NB: We will require at least two hours before the start of the program to setup our PA sound system and to perform sound checks




In a case where one is organising an event and wish to invite Reality 7 to perform, a performance fee will be charged for the performance of no more than 1 Hour and if needed for more than an hour, such request will have to be discussed with management prior finalising the appointment. In a case where Reality 7 will be the only group performing for more than an hour, a percentage will be negotiated




Organiser should forward programme to the group two weeks prior the event in order for the group to prepare for the performance. In all of our performances, no recording material will be allowed to be used to capture our performances unless otherwise permitted by Reality 7.